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About Midori Green Salt

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Midori Green Salt is a creation of Nicoletta Tavella, Italian cook, food writer, recipe developer and owner of Italian cooking school La Cucina del Sole in Amsterdam.

Her love of good, healthy food and fresh herbs is at the base of her new green venture.

Herbs and spices are full of wonderful flavours and healing properties, that's why Nicoletta loves to use them abundantly while cooking, during her classes and for her natural medicinal cabinet.
She started her first herbal salts experiments in January 2019 and decided to create a whole line which took two years to fully develop. This site and the product line launched on 19/12/2020 and the rest is history. :)

Our products are completely natural and totally free from preservatives (sea salt is already the best one available on Earth!), chemicals and other artificial substances. Just salt, herbs, spices, vegetables and a little fruit here and there.

At Midori Green Salt we our Planet and all that She gives us in abunce. That's why we try to reduce the use of plastic to a minimum. Our containers (grinders and pots) are made of glass with just a small quantity of other materials. Our packaging is all natural and recyclable.

Thank you Mother Earth for all the wonderful stuff you give us! :)

To discover all the Midori Green Salt products check out our webshop.

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