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Our products are 100% natural, handmade and hand-packaged in our Italian kitchen in Amsterdam, plus completely free from chemicals, preservatives (sea salt is already the best preservative on Earth!) and any other additives.

We use only pure Italian sea salt, herbs, spices and veggies, organic when possible and available.

Our founder Nicoletta loves home-cooking and eating pure, natural foods because she believes that we are what we eat (see her first blog post) and that food is our first medicine. She's been teaching that in her own Italian cooking school since 2002 and she keeps on studying natural nutrition - especially the positive, healing effects of herbs and spices - and on developing great, easy recipes that can help simplify life and make it healthier. That's why she decided to create a range of products based on pure, healthy ingredients that can help you enhance your cooking and bring a little bit more zest into your life. :)

Our herbal salts are totally vegan and gluten free. Our fresh pesto is vegetarian and gluten free.

For the packagings we tend to reduce the use of plastic to a minumum preferring glass, paper, cardboard, corn/potato starch filling"chips" and other natural materials.

Our philosophy is that we have been given the most beautiful and green planet in the Universe and that we have to take good care of it, just like we take care of our bodies.

To discover all of our products check please visit our webshop.

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