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Welcome to Midori Green Salt!

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

Hi, I'm Nicoletta, founder of Midori Green Salt, Product & Recipe Developer and lover of good and healthy food! In this blog I'll share with you news about us and simple recipes created with our beautiful and tasty products.

I love fresh herbs and I love salt! When I was a child I used to eat big coarse sea salt crystals as a little "snack", much to my mum's disbelief. I still do, actually. :) I'm also very much into a a very practical form of spirituality based on Cherokee Shamanism (you can find more about it here) which has taught me that everything has a soul, even herbs, vegetables and crystals (like salt, for example), and that we can absorb the essence of that soul - its beneficial and healing properties - simply by eating those ingredients or by using them in other ways to infuse their energy in our daily life. The purer they are, the better they work. As Hippocrates said a long time ago: "Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food". That's exactly my view on nourishment. This beautiful planet gives us everything we need to stay healthy, and I really believe that food is our first medicine. I particularly love herbs and spices because they have so many healing characteristics and in such a concentrated way that I couldn't imagine my life without them.

Years ago I was honoured to receive a Shamanic name during a beautiful ceremony. That name is White Crystal Woman. I've always loved crystals and when I received the name I was very happy. Today, I am even happier because I've realised that salt, a product I truly adore, is a white crystal too. By working with it - it's at the centre of Midori's production - I'm fulfilling even more one of my life purposes: helping myself and others live a tasty and healthy life.

You'll probably tell me that salt isn't healthy at all and I'll answer you that I beg to differ! We need salt (Sodium, its Latin name) because it's an integral part of who we are and of our bodies (why do you think your sweat and tears taste salty?). We only need to make sure we use just a little of it, of good quality and possibly enhanced with healing herbs and spices like our Herbal Salts. A couple of turns of our grinders will magically improve every dish in a way you couldn't possibly fathom!

I hope you'll try our beautiful Salts and Condiments and that they'll make your food taste much better! :)

You can find them all here.



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