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Handmade in our italian kitchen in Amsterdam with herbs, garlic and pure Italian sea salt. It comes in a handy refillable glass grinder that can be reused many times. Just refill and reuse!


85 g.


Perfect for oven-baked potatoes, stews, roast chicken & veggies.

The Grinder is very "generous" so make sure you don't grind too much salt over your dishes.


Get yourself also our Sage, Rosemary & Garlic Refill to make sure your grinder stays full!

GRINDER "Sage, Rosemary & Garlic" 85 g

SKU: 0001
€ 12,95Price
  • This wonderful herbal salt combines three of the most classic flavours (rosemary, sage and garlic) to give a tasty Italian touch to your dishes. You'll need just a few turns of the grinder and your dishes will become more vibrant, tasty and healthy.

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