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Home-made 10-minute Midori GS peanut butter

Updated: Feb 14, 2021

Home-made 10-minute peanut butter

If you, like me, love salty breakfasts - I know, Italians usually have sweet breakfasts but not this girl! :) - then you probably like nut butters. I simply ADORE all of them and yet... peanut butter is still my number 1.

Since industrially made nut butters often contain sugars of some kind and I prefer pure products, I decided to try and make it myself. And I love it!

I didn't roast the nuts, this time, because I find that when they're raw they retain a lot more nutritional qualities and a creamy, delicate flavour, but the taste of lightly roasted peanuts is also lovely so maybe you can try this recipe in both versions and see which one you prefer. Gently dry-roast the nuts in a pan until they’re nice and caramel-coloured, leave them to cool and then blend with the other ingredients.

I've added a little pinch of my "Dill, Thyme, Oregano & Lemon" Midori Green Salt for the extra zing and that lovely hint of saltiness.

This peanut butter is super simple and quick to make with just 3 ingredients: you'll be ready in 10 minutes! You can, of course, use other nuts: almonds, cashews, hazelnuts...

See you soon! :)

Midori Green Salt Peanut Butter


200 gr. unsalted raw peanuts

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

Put all ingredients in the blender and start to mix. Make sure you stop from time to time to avoid overheating the blender.

To make mixing easier, you can add a little bit more olive oil.

At a certain point the mixture will lose its granular structure and will start to get shiny and oily. Mix further until you obtain the desired texture.

If you like a chunky butter, coarsely chop a small quantity of peanuts and add them to the mixture.

Store in a glass jar. Mine never lasts long. ;)

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